The faith of the stranger

What do you mean

Opening Reading Psalm 119: 105 - 112
Why a lesson like this? – There is a belief among certain camps of Israel that salvation is for Israelites only, it has got so bad that me and my wife came across a brother who told us that the Caucasians/Europeans are not part of God’s creation. We got to do some investigating.

1 Timothy 2: 1 – 7
The will of God is that ALL MEN / NOT ISRAELITES ONLY would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. The apostle Paul says he was ordained a preacher and that he speaks the truth in Christ and lie not, that he is a teacher to the Gentiles. Let us see who the Gentiles are according to the scriptures.
Genesis 10: 1 – 5
In the ancient world because people were wicked, God destroyed every living thing except Noah and his family, eight souls in total, his wife, his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives along with the living creatures God brought to Noah when he finished building the ark. We see that Japhet is the Father of the Gentiles, check out these names you will see they are Europeans.
Genesis 1: 1
In the beginning God created.
Colossians 1: 1 – 2, 15 – 16
Christ Jesus/Jehovah created everything, whether in heaven, and that are in the earth, visible and invisible. ALL THINGS were created by him, and for him.
John 1: 1 – 3
When we say such things and hold such beliefs that the Gentiles/Europeans are not a part of God’s creation, let us see where they stem from.
John 8: 44
Satan the Devil, the fallen angel had the truth before he fell and chose not to walk in it but became a murderer and the father of lies.
1 John 2: 19
They went out from us claiming to be Israel, but they were not of us.
Let us see who the apostle Paul is.
Romans 9: 1 – 5
Paul declares himself an Israelite and declares the importance of Israel and their standing with God and that they are the nation through whom Christ/the anointed one, the savior of the world came.
Psalm 147: 5, 19 – 20
Israel, is the only nation the Lord has revealed himself to, let us see why God did this.
Exodus 19: 3 – 6
Israel had been in slavery to the Egyptians, but the Lord raised up Moses to deliver them by great signs and wonders and brought them to himself. They were to become a kingdom of priest to all the nations to bring them back to God from whom all had strayed. Were Israel alone when they came out of Egypt?
Exodus 12: 37 – 38, 49
When the foreigner’s living in Egypt saw the awesome judgements and power of God upon Egypt and the gods of Egypt, they had no doubt who the true and living God is, so they wanted to become spiritual Israelites to be one with the people of God and to serve him. God accepted them all and declares one law must be for them all of Israel and the strangers/ non-Israelites who have come into Israel by faith. But just in case there is any doubt.
Numbers 15: 15 – 16
The Lord God declares one ordinance (same rule) shall be for Israel as well as the stranger/non-Israelite. Not one rule for Israel and one for non-Israelites as the dreadful doctrine of replacement theology held in much of what is called Christianity today.
Titus 1: 10 – 11
There are unruly, vain talkers and deceivers and specially of the circumcision/Israel whose mouths must be stopped because they are misleading people. Israel the priest nation kept falling apart on a whole, but God has always had a remnant who hold fast to living and teaching the truth.
1 Kings 19: 9 – 10, 18
Elijah the prophet was fleeing from Jezebel the wife of King Ahab who had seduced the people of Israel with her false prophets to turn them to Baal/ Sun worship of the Canaanites/Africans. He thought he was alone until God declared to him a remnant and it is the same today, a remnant of Israel teaching the truth. Let us see who the Christ/the anointed one is.
1 Corinthians 10: 1 – 4
It was Christ Jesus who was with Moses and Israel when he was called Jehovah but John 5: 39, 43 The Christ tell us the scriptures testify of him and he came in his father’s name (Jesus)
Matthew 10: 5 – 6
Jesus commissions the twelve disciples and instruct them not to go to the Gentiles but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel to get his priest back on the job and once they did that the first Gentile/Cornelius the Roman was brought into the church under the new covenant.
Acts 10: 1 – 5, 34 – 36
The Romans/Italians/Gentiles came with the authority of God to take down Jerusalem by force. Cornelius despite being a soldier was a righteous man who feared and prayed to God but didn’t know him, but his deeds proved him even giving gifts to the poor of our people Israel. God saw his heart and his faith spoke if he had the knowledge, he would serve the true and living God. God dispatched the holy spirit/angel to instruct Cornelius to send for Peter the Israelite for the message of salvation because Israel is still the priests of God even in captivity. Peter finally gets the message which every Israelite needs to know. God is no respecter of persons but in EVERY NATION he that feareth him and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.
Genesis 18: 25
Abraham was having a discussion with The Judge of all the earth and knows and states to this judge that he must do what is right. Let us see who this judge is.
John 5: 22
The Father judges no man but has committed all judgement to the son.
John 8: 56 – 58
Jesus Christ is telling the Jews of his day Abraham longed to see his day and saw it and was glad. The Jews told Jesus you aren’t even fifty years old yet and you have seen Abraham. Jesus tells them before Abraham was, I am – I am God/Jehovah.
Let us now see what the Lord declares to Israel about the stranger who has taken refuge under his wings.
Deuteronomy 10: 16 – 19
The Lord tells Israel to circumcise the foreskin of your heart/mind. Hear my word and obey it. The Lord declares his heart for the stranger and tells Israel to LOVE THE STRANGER.
Deuteronomy 24: 17 – 22
The Lord lays down the law for Israel concerning the stranger/non-Israelite, the orphans and widows – our blessings would depend on us obeying and what if we don’t obey.
Deuteronomy 27: 19
Cursed be he that perverteth the judgement of the stranger, the fatherless and the widow and the people shall say amen (so let it be)
Deuteronomy 28: 43
The Lord tells Israel if we rebel against him, the strangers who came out of Egypt with us would get up high above us and we would come down very low.
Psalm 146: 9
The Lord preserveth the strangers, the fatherless and the widows but turns the way of the wicked upside down.
Jeremiah 7: 6 – 7
The Lord tells Israel the condition of them staying in the promised land, don’t oppress the stranger, the fatherless, widows, shed no innocent blood and don’t serve false gods.
Zechariah 7: 8 – 14
Israel continues to suffer from a hearing problem, we do everything backward.
The Lord told Israel to go and take the land of Canaan, so Moses sent spies out to reconnoiter the land which the Lord had sworn to them. Apart from Caleb and Joshua they brought back an evil report saying there is giants in the land and caused the peoples hearts to be filled with fear. The Lord was going to destroy them all apart from Caleb and Joshua, but Moses interceded for them. Let us see what Israel did.
Numbers 14: 27 - 45
Accordingly, as Israel spoke so the Lord brought it about. We see the age of accountability with God is age twenty and over. When the Lord tells Israel go, we don’t and when he says don’t go, we get presumptuous and go to our own hurt. Let us look at a stranger who cleaved to the Lord and the result.
Ruth 1: 1 – 5, 8, 14 – 18
This man Elimelech of Bethlehem Judah took his wife Naomi and his two sons and went to live in Moab where his two sons marry Moabite women Orpah and Ruth. After ten years Elimelech and his two sons died, and Naomi was left in mourning and set to return home. Her two former daughters in law set out with her. Naomi tells them to go back to their own people and their gods. Orpah is persuaded to return home but Ruth heart is set, there is no turning back, let us look at a parallel. (MARKER)
Genesis 12: 1 – 4
God told Abraham to get away from his house and his family and what he was going to do. Abraham obeyed partially but this woman Ruth knew Israel’s history and would not be deterred. By faith she left her own family, her land, their customs and their gods to come and serve The True and Living God.
Ruth 4: 13, 17
Ruth ended up marrying Boaz a near relative of Naomi who then had a son called Obed who became the father of King David. Let’s look at another case.
Joshua 2: 1
Joshua sent spies to Jericho and there was a prostitute there by the name of Rahab. It was leaked that the spies had come, and Rahab took the spies and hid them, and they made a vow that they would save her and her household when they took the city. She was to tie a scarlet thread in her window which would identify her house.
Hebrews 11: 31
By faith Rahab saved herself and her household but let us see what became of her.
Matthew 1: 1 – 6
The generation of Jesus Christ. Salmon begat Bo’ oz of Rachab; Bo’ oz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse who fathered king David.
Ezekiel 47:22 - 23
The stranger/non-Israelite who becomes a spiritual Israelites receives an inheritance the same as Israel does.
Leviticus 19: 34
The stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you. The same rights.
Isaiah 56: 1 – 8
The Lord makes it plain concerning the stranger who keeps his covenant, he will bring them to Jerusalem when he returns, they will be in his kingdom.
Matthew 8: 5 – 13
A Roman officer in charge of a hundred men had a sick servant who was paralyzed and sought Jesus to heal him. This man was a stranger whose faith moved him, and Jesus always responds to faith. Jesus marveled at the faith of the centurion who understood authority. Jesus declares he has not found this type of faith amongst Israel. He warns unbelieving Israel that strangers are going to sit down in the kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob while they the physical Israelites because of rebellion would be cast into the lake of fire. Physical Israel means nothing, we must become spiritual Israelites that is obeying all that thus says the Lord.