Gethsemane Night

Gethsemane Night by the Bulgarian guitarist-composer Stanislav Hvartchilkov, represents in music Jesus Christ’s prayers in the Gethsemane garden during the night of the Passover while he was in anticipation of his own death as a sacrifice for humanity’s sin. Played by Pavel Ralev

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The Hour of Trial Part 3

Matthew 24:1-5 Jesus gives a private briefing to his disciples about the rundown of the ages, the sign of his return, not taking anyone to heaven. First thing he warned them of is deception not from other faiths but of false teachers in the pulpit in the church coming in the name of Christ and […]

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Passacaglia for Christ

IoG UK would like to present the work of one of our brothers in Christ, Stani Hvartchilkov, who composed a beautiful piece of music with a strong message. Altough the piece is in Bulgarian, English subtitles are available, please tap or click the CC button on the bottom right side of the video. Congratulations and […]

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